Support Groups

MAIA support groups provide the opportunity to receive emotional support and experience camaraderie with others who are going through a similar process.  Led by midwife and fertility expert Kristin Kali, these groups are informative, comforting and normalizing of your experience.  MAIA support groups are currently available in Seattle and online.

Solo Conception Support Group

Are you conceiving as an intentional single parent?  The opportunity to share with others who are on the same path can go a long way towards helping you feel less alone.  This group is especially helpful for those who are conceiving over 40, while open to solo parents of any age.  Join any time – your registration is good for 3 months.  $60 per person.

Seattle:  Sign up HERE

2nd and 4th Tuesdays  6:00-7:30 pm


Online:  Sign up HERE

1st and 3rd Tuesdays  6:00-7:30 pm Pacific time


Queer Conception Support Group

LGBTQ family community is created here!  This group meets monthly in the Columbia City neighborhood.  Connect with other queer/trans parents, share the ups and downs of the conception process in a safe and affirming space, and get your questions answered as you navigate the path of bringing a little one into your life.  Each meeting is $10/person.

Wednesday, April 23  7-9pm

Wednesday, May 15  7-9pm

Wednesday, June 4  7-9pm

Wednesday, June 25  7-9pm

Donor Network

This group provides an opportunity for known donors, and those who are thinking about becoming known donors, to network with one another in a facilitated group.

  • Gain a better understanding of the logistics of the process
  • Ask questions about how this might affect your life and your relationships
  • Connect with others who are in a similar role
  • Explore your trepidations with others who have been there
  • Get advice from other donors about what to expect and how to deal with common issues

Wednesday, April 30 at 6pm Pacific time.  $10/person