LGBTQ Families

Whether you are choosing a donor from a sperm bank, asking a friend to provide sperm or to be a special uncle or coparent, or you are conceiving with your transgender partner, MAIA is here to walk you through every step of the conception process. A strong lineage of queer midwifery and specialized services for LGBTQ families has made MAIA widely renowned for the level of sensitivity and expertise provided.

'Older' Parents

Most MAIA clients are over 35. Our success rate for clients conceiving over 40 using their own eggs is 33%, up to 3 times higher than what is quoted in the medical literature! MAIA’s functional approach to hormone balancing, optimizing egg health, and individualized insemination timing are the basis for our clients’ success.

Single Parents

Conceiving as a single person is normal at MAIA. We understand that the decision to seek single parenthood is a journey unto itself, and can assist you with the initial decision-making process. If you decide to conceive, MAIA’s fertility services will assist you with every aspect of the insemination process, from choosing a donor and boosting your fertility, to timing insemination and providing at home IUI (in the Seattle-Tacoma area). Once you’ve conceived, you can rely on outstanding midwifery care with MAIA through pregnancy, birth and postpartum with the wisdom and perspective we’ve gained from helping so many others do the same.

Transgender and Genderqueer Parents

With gender at the core of how we experience ourselves and how we interact with the outside world, it is no wonder that becoming a parent is infused with our own individual experience of gender. I bring this wisdom into the work I do with all families, and for transgender people, I can assist with preparing to bank eggs or sperm prior to hormonal transition, regaining fertility after taking a break from cross-hormones, going through pregnancy and birth as a trans man, inducing lactation as a trans woman, and trans male chestfeeding with or without having had top surgery. The holistic nature of midwifery care allows space for addressing the emotional, psychological and relationship issues that can come up in relation to these processes.

Heterosexual Couples

One-third of MAIA clients are heterosexual couples seeking preconception care, midwifery model infertility care, or home insemination for male factor infertility. MAIA services can be used independently or in conjunction with medical care from a fertility clinic. Like any of my pregnant clients, heterosexual couples come to MAIA to receive personalized prenatal care and out-of-hospital birth with a small, neighborhood midwifery practice.

Poly Families

I embrace all families formed with intention and love, and I honor the commitments forged within alternative family structures. Individualized and attentive midwifery care holds each partner’s experience as important and unique as the family unit navigates the transformation into parenthood.