See what a midwife can do for you:

MAIA Provides:

Natural methods of achieving optimal fertile health as a way of creating strong families, empowered parents, vibrant pregnancies and healthy babies.

Fertility awareness methods that allow you to understand when your body is most fertile, enabling you to choose the timing of insemination or intercourse that is right for you.

Holistic, individualized care that is complementary to other forms of fertility and infertility medicine; assisting families who are conceiving through intercourse, home insemination, IUI, IVF, embryo transfer and surrogacy.

Services for single parents, couples, coparents, and all of the manifestations of family that are created from the desire to love and care for a child.

Specialty care for LGBTQ families, single parents by choice, and women over 40.  You are welcomed, supported, and celebrated here!

At MAIA, we embrace people of all sexual orientations, all gender identities and expressions, and all cultures, colors, abilities and spiritual beliefs.

MAIA has offices in Seattle and Oakland, and MAIA services are available wherever you live via the world wide web, including Skype consultations, webinars, and online support groups.


Who We Serve:

LGBTQ Families

Our strong history of providing care to queer families through preconception, pregnancy, birth and postpartum makes us well positioned to address culturally specific issues. We are comfortable and familiar working with all types of families–lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, polyamorous, group families, etc–and all approaches to conception, including home insemination with fresh sperm, intrauterine insemination, intercourse, surrogacy, and IVF with partner eggs.

Older Women

Most of the people we work with are over 35.  In fact, one of MAIA’s specialties is assisting those over 40 in getting pregnant using their own eggs.  Through our methods of fertility optimization and careful charting and timing, our over 40 success rate of 33% is quite high compared to the standard medical approach.

Single Parents

Nearly half of our clientele are seeking single parenthood. We carry no judgment about going it alone–in fact, we honor this decision and celebrate the strong powerful people who choose to parent on their own. We are able to provide a quality of care and support that is unparalleled.

Transgender Parents

We have worked with countless families where at least one parent is transgender, gender-fluid, or genderqueer. As a result, we are quite familiar with the pertinent issues surrounding conception, pregnancy, and early parenting. Many families come to us for both cultural sensitivity and for information that is difficult to find elsewhere.

Heterosexual Families

30% of the families we work with are heterosexual. Because we are natural fertility specialists, many people come to us who are either not drawn to the medical infertility approach or have tried it without success and would like a holistic approach. Our fertility awareness and timing plans are so personalized that many women working with reproductive endocrinologists find the missing link after consulting with us.

Those Who are Using Fertility Medications

Our methods are perfectly suited to families who are also working with a fertility specialist and utilizing fertility medicine.  Complementary approaches such as good nutrition, exercise, acupuncture, meditation, and stress reduction have all been shown to increase success rates.  Together, we will formulate a plan for how you can best support your body’s underlying health in anticipation of conceiving successfully and achieving a full-term, healthy pregnancy.