MAIA's Mission

MAIA provides holistic, individualized fertility care, creating strong families, empowered parents, vibrant pregnancies and healthy babies.  Optimal fertile health is achieved by natural methods for families conceiving through insemination, intercourse, IVF, embryo transfer or surrogacy.  MAIA serves all families, with specific expertise in serving LGBTQ families, single parents by choice, transgender parents and those conceiving over 40.  Services are available in Seattle, Oakland, and online.

MAIA doesn’t just help you get pregnant – MAIA nurtures your transition to parenthood.

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Who MAIA Serves

LGBTQ Families

Carrying forth MAIA’s strong history of providing care to queer families and transgender people through preconception, pregnancy, birth, postpartum and lactation, I am well-positioned to address LGBTQ-specific issues. I am comfortable, familiar, and affirming in my work with all family structures, sexual orientations, gender identities and expressions, and all approaches to conception, including home insemination with fresh sperm, intrauterine insemination, intercourse, surrogacy, and IVF with partner eggs.

“Older” Women

Most of the people I work with are over 35.  In fact, one of MAIA’s specialties is assisting those over 40 in getting pregnant using their own eggs.  Through my methods of fertility optimization and careful charting and timing, my over 40 success rate of 33% is quite high compared to the standard medical approach.

Single Parents

Nearly half of my clientele are seeking single parenthood.  I honor this decision and celebrate the strong powerful people who choose to parent on their own. The quality of care and ongoing support I provide for intentional single parents is simply not found anywhere else.

Transgender Parents

I have worked with countless families with at least one parent who is transgender, gender-fluid, or genderqueer, making me quite familiar with the pertinent issues surrounding conception, pregnancy, infant feeding and early parenting. Many families come to MAIA for fertility care with a high degree of cultural sensitivity as well as specific expertise that is hard to find elsewhere.

Heterosexual Families

30% of MAIA families are heterosexual couples. Because I am a midwife and a natural fertility specialist, many people come to me who are either not drawn to the medical infertility approach or who have tried it without success and would like to move to a more holistic approach. MAIA fertility awareness techniques and timing plans are so personalized that many women working with reproductive endocrinologists find the missing link after consulting with me.

Those Who are Using Fertility Medications

MAIA’s fertility enhancement methods are perfectly suited to those who are also working with a fertility specialist and utilizing fertility medicine.  Complementary approaches such as good nutrition, exercise, acupuncture, meditation, and stress reduction have all been shown to increase success rates.  Together, we will formulate a plan for how you can best support your body’s underlying health in anticipation of conceiving successfully and achieving a full-term, healthy pregnancy.

Childbirth Professionals serving LGBTQ Families

Based on my many years of experience working with LGBTQ people throughout the process of becoming parents, I provide cultural sensitivity training for doulas, midwives, lactation consultants, childbirth educators, and a variety of adjunct professionals.  Combining clinical experience with current research and multimedia learning, MAIA Provider Trainings and Professional Peer Support Groups offer a unique opportunity for practitioners across the country to receive excellent, insightful training and mentorship – thereby increasing the quality of care for LGBTQ families everywhere.

Kristin Kali LM CPM

Kristin Kali, LM CPM is a talented and insightful guide for families in the process of welcoming a baby.  As a midwife, she applies clinical knowledge within a context of client education, empowerment and support.  Since 1995, Kristin has assisted hundreds of people in the process of becoming parents.

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At MAIA, fertility care is provided for 3 months at a time. Because your body’s fertile signs and indicators of hormonal balance are displayed in monthly cycles, it takes a full month to see a complete “picture” of your fertile health. And, since it takes a full month for your body to cycle through its hormonal phases, it may take a while for fertility enhancements to take full effect. Therefore, your initial appointment is only the beginning of our work together.

During the 3 month course of care, I will monitor the effects of recommendations made at the start of care, help you understand your body’s pattern of fertile signs, help you hone your insemination or intercourse timing, and provide ongoing support. If you conceive during the 3 month course of care, we will meet again to discuss early pregnancy concerns, miscarriage prevention, and choosing a care provider for your pregnancy and birth.

No matter where you are in the process of bringing a baby into your life, I am here to assist you. I will design and update a personalized plan with you whether you are at the very beginning of planning your pregnancy, or you are having difficulty conceiving. As a Licensed Midwife specializing in fertility, I work in tandem with fertility clinics and sperm banks as a complementary health care provider.

For those in the Greater Seattle area, in-home insemination services are available to current clients.  To access IUI services, sign up for the 3 Month Fertility Care Plan.  Once you are ready to inseminate, you will call the midwife to schedule an appointment at your home.  Home IUI is safe and effective, and many families prefer their own home environment for the conception of their child.

If you would like to schedule a free appointment to meet the midwife and ask questions about fertility care at MAIA, click here to choose a time that works for you.

Included in Your 3 Month Fertility Care Package:


Individual consultations are at the heart of MAIA services, providing complete step-by-step instruction and advice to prospective parents at any stage of the process.  Each visit is tailored to your specific situation and addresses your unique needs.  Consultations are geared towards helping you to get pregnant as swiftly and comfortably as possible, regardless of the means or method.

Fertility Enhancement Plan

Every consultation begins with a personal interview, so that I can understand who you are – your lifestyle, your family structure, how you work, how you play, and what you already do to nurture yourself.  I will identify and address any issues that may be preventing you from reaching the full capacity of your fertile health, focusing on what makes you feel most vibrant and alive.  Together we will create a fertility enhancement plan that takes all of these things into account.  This holistic model invites you to bring your full self to the journey of becoming a parent, even before you have conceived.

Timing Plan

Your body is as unique as you are.  While there are certain ways we might expect your body to tell you when it is fertile, how those signs manifest is unique to you and may even change from month to month.  What makes MAIA timing plans so successful is your central role in that process.  I will teach you what to look for and how to interpret your own body’s signs of peak fertility – not just relying on statistical averages from standardized tests, but your body’s indicators that ovulation is occurring.

Donor Selection

I understand the many aspects under consideration when creating your family with intention.  Your choice of a sperm donor will also be unique to you.  I can assist you in exploring the intricacies of working with a sperm bank, using a donor who is known to you, coparenting with your donor, working with a donor who lives far away from you, basic legal considerations, and how different donor choices might feel to you as time goes on.  I also provide donor consultations, so that your donor of choice can benefit from their own fertility enhancement plan and get their questions answered by a donor conception expert.  No matter what type of donor you choose, I will help you make sure you are getting the best quality sperm available to you.


Counseling is a significant element of the preconception care offered at MAIA.  I can help you clarify your family vision, explore relationship concerns, create coparenting agreements, or decide whether to use a known donor or a sperm bank. I am also available to consult with your potential known donor or co-parent (and their partner) to answer some of the natural concerns that come up for those considering this role. MAIA helps families to manage the emotional roller coaster ride of insemination cycles and assists single parents in creating networks of support. I also help those who are in the exploration process to clarify whether or not they want to parent.

Email Check-ins

Once your care is underway, you can check in with the midwife via email at any time.  This service allows you to ask questions, get feedback, and make sure you are keeping up with your self care routine.

Monthly Fertility Chart Reviews

Review of your monthly fertility charts is an integral part of your care at MAIA.  As you track your body’s hormonal shifts throughout the cycle, a picture of your fertile health appears.  I will assess your charts every month, providing you with insights based on what I see.  The chart review process allows me to perfect your timing plan while observing how your fertility enhancement efforts are taking effect.  This information not only helps you conceive quickly and easily, it also provides direct feedback and encouragement for all you are doing to support your fertile health.  Chart review takes place via email.

Midwife Paging Service

While your 3 Month Fertility Care Package is in effect, I am available to you via pager for urgent insemination timing advice.  Depending on which Fertility Care Package you choose, this service may incur an additional fee.  Whether your fertile signs are not showing up as expected, or you simply want confirmation that it is time to go ahead and inseminate, I am here for you.  Trying to conceive can be an emotional roller coaster ride, and mid-cycle decision making is one of the most nerve wracking parts of the process.  Paging the midwife can ease this stress so you can move forward confidently and get down to the important business of baby-making.


Once you conceive, we will have a final visit to discuss how you can shift your self care efforts towards moving into a vibrant pregnancy.  Having conceived with such intention, you will most likely be ready for your first prenatal visit well before routine obstetric or midwifery care begins.  MAIA’s early pregnancy care provides continuity as you transition into the next phase – growing your baby!

Renewing Care

If you have not yet conceived at the end of your three month course of care, simply choose the Renewal Package of your choice to continue care. We will meet again to review your case and discuss the need for any changes.  Revision of your care plan may include recommendations for further medical tests or treatments, additional fertility support techniques, switching donors, or simply allowing time for the right cycle to come along.

3 Month Fertility Care Package


  • 90 Minute Consultation
  • Fertility Enhancement Plan
  • Insemination Timing Plan
  • Email Check-ins
  • Monthly Chart Review
  • Early Pregnancy Visit


In-Home IUI (Insemination)


  • IUI in the comfort of your home
  • Greater Seattle area only
  • Must be a current client – see 3 Month Fertility Care Package above
  • Paging service included
  • Discounted rate for additional IUI in same cycle ($175)


Continuing Care


  • 1 hour visit in office or online
  • Comes with 3 months of fertility care
  • Review cycle charts
  • Assess timing plan
  • Revise fertility enhancement plan
  • Discuss any changes going forward


Other visits


  • Counseling Only
  • Known Donor Consult
  • Male Fertility Consult
  • Transwoman Fertility Consult
  • Additional Visit for Current Clients


Timing is Everything

Webinar Download

Timing is Everything

Discover what you need to know to conceive quickly and successfully!  Learn how to use your own body’s signals for perfect insemination timing.  Understand the value of charting your fertility signs, what to chart and how to interpret what your body is telling you.

Part class/part support group, this 5 week class series is for LGBTQ people who want to explore how sexuality, bodies and parenting intersect.  Perfect for those who want to enter parenting, those who are now pregnant, foster or adoptive parents, and those who have children.  This class is open and affirming of all bodies and all genders.  Class is held at MAIA’s Seattle office on Wednesday evenings at 7pm.

Queer Sex and Parenting

June 3:    FREE Intro and Q&A

June 17:   Who am I again?  This week we will explore identity in its many intersecting forms. This may include gender identity, ethnicity, roles, sexual identity and other ways intersecting identities shift as parenting enters the picture.

July 1:     What’s happening in my body?  We will explore changes in the body hormonally and physically, along with the responses that create how you relate to your own and your partner’s body.

July 15:   How do we make this happen?  We will explore desire, arousal and communication in their changing forms throughout the parenting process.

July 29:   How do we keep it going?  We will build on the previous week’s discussion and explore how to maintain a sexual self as the child and relationship grow.

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Sign up for the full class series now!

Childbirth Class for LGBTQ Families

With 20 years of experience helping birthing families, MAIA midwife Kristin Kali, LM CPM brings you this one-of-a-kind, deeply moving experience. Both practical and experiential, this class is an experience not to be missed!  This class offers complete preparation for hospital, birth center or home birth, including: stages of labor, anatomy and physiology of birth, coping with labor, comfort measures, partner support, decision-making during labor, and what to expect in the hours after birth.  Queer-specific topics such as intentional family-building, gender identity and expression, and the central role of nongestational parents are woven throughout the childbirth preparation material. Presented with a blend of lecture, group discussion, experiential learning, and inner exploration.

Postpartum, Breast/Chestfeeding and Newborn Care

A special offering for LGBTQ families.  While childbirth gets a lot of attention in our culture and in our maternity care system, the period AFTER birth – when you are at home recovering from labor and birth, learning to breast or chestfeed, and carrying the enormous responsibility of caring for this brand new, sweet, pooping, peeing, feeding, sleeping and waking newborn – THIS is the time you *really* need to prepare for.  MAIA midwife Kristin Kali, LM CPM teaches this full day class, to be attended before your baby arrives.

There is something wonderfully supportive about being surrounded by other queer families.  It created a truly safe and inclusive space where our LGBT experience was at the center, and not just touched on as an aside or an exception to the norm.
I am so grateful for this class.  Kristin’s teaching skills are more than excellent.  Going in as a queer family, not having to translate from everyone else’s “normal”, not needing to explain our family was great.

Providing Culturally Sensitive Care to LGBT Families

A web-based workshop for birth-related professionals who serve LGBTQ people in the process of seeking pregnancy and creating family.

LISTEN TO THIS FREE RECORDING of MAIA midwife Kristin Kali, LM CPM addressing the Northwest Doula Conference on October 5, 2015.  The presentation, titled Serving LGBTQ Families , explores the reasons that gender inclusive language is not only important, but vital to the service of all families.

Provider Trainings

Saturday, November 7,  2015              

Part 1:

10:00am – Noon Pacific time

Part 2:

12:30 – 2:30pm Pacific time


Registration fees:

Before September 30:  $65 per session

Before October 31:  $75 per session

Registration Deadline:  October 31, 2015

Are you serving LGBTQ families in your practice, but feeling that you don’t have enough information to serve these families well?  Have you served LGBTQ families and decided that they are no different than any other family?  (Think again…)  Are you wondering how you can best affirm your client’s gender identity throughout their time with you?  Would you like to build a practice that addresses the specific concerns of LGBTQ families?

This workshop series will provide a foundational understanding of the uniqueness of conception, pregnancy, birth and postpartum for LGBTQ people who are building family through pregnancy. Become a better informed care provider who is able to offer insightful and culturally sensitive care. Come to know the diverse nature of LGBTQ family structures and understand the sources of internalized and external homophobia and transphobia experienced by LGBTQ parents. Gain insight into the experiences of nongestational parents. Understand the interplay between sexual identity, gender identity, pregnancy and birth. Guidance will be provided for creating a welcoming and affirming practice.

Part 1: Queer/Trans Sensitivity 101

Part 1 provides the basics: using appropriate terminology, understanding gender identity and expression, undoing homophobia and heterocentrism that may sneak its way into your practice, becoming familiar with LGBTQ family structures and pathways to pregnancy, and creating a welcoming and affirming practice, including the use of gender inclusive language.  Part 1 is appropriate for all birth-related professionals, including physicians, nurses, midwives, childbirth educators, doulas, lactation consultants, and associated health care professionals.

Part 2: Psychosocial Aspects of LGBTQ Pregnancy

Part 2 provides birth-related professionals with a deeper understanding of what is commonly experienced by LGBTQ people in the process of creating family through pregnancy.  Understand what is involved in getting pregnant, including deciding who will conceive, choosing a donor, interacting with fertility clinics, inseminating, and undergoing IVF.  Explore issues that commonly arise for gestational parents, nongestational parents, and in relationships from conception through early parenting.  Identify ways that gender identity and expression may shift throughout pregnancy, birth and infant feeding, and understand how to be a truly supportive care provider.  Learn to address special areas of concern that may be intensified for LGBTQ families such as perceived infertility, pregnancy loss and postpartum mood issues. Part 2 is appropriate for all birth-related professionals, including physicians, nurses, midwives, childbirth educators, doulas, lactation consultants, and associated health care professionals.

This is a live, participatory, web-based class.  Those who cannot attend due to on-call responsibilities will receive a recording of the program.  MEAC CEU’s will be provided.   

Coming Soon:  Midwifery Model Preconception Care for LGBTQ Families

Learn the basics of building a preconception practice and begin to provide specialty care to LGBTQ families in your community.  This 9-month training course begins in January 2015 – email us for more information.

What folks are saying about Maia:

I found our consult really informative. I felt I had a pretty good knowledge base regarding fertility, and I learned so much more from our session. It was especially helpful to have the hard science explanations behind the advice to illuminate some of my blind spots regarding lifestyle.  – Paige, Brooklyn NY
As much as I was overwhelmed at first with all of the changes that you suggested, it was so great to be able to talk with a queer-competent, positive, knowledgeable, woman-friendly source.
The recommendation for my partner to take responsibility for managing the food changes was huge. Definitely gave her a role, and was an incredible support for me. That choice and her willingness to do the lion’s share of the work to make it happen made overhauling my way of eating manageable.
It was great when you talked about me being “only 37”. So much of the information out there is so dire about being “over 35”, that it was great to feel young in that moment.
My partner and I have been meaning to write you for some time to thank you. We used your consulting services a few years ago and found it useful. We believe it was one of the essential tools we used to have our family. Today, we are the proud parents of a beautiful two year old girl. When asked how we conceived her, we refer people to you folks, regardless of their orientation. Again, many thanks.
Thank you so much for your help in getting pregnant and for continuing to offer the birth class. It really made a HUGE difference. We are constantly recommending you to friends we know who are trying to get pregnant.
Just thought I’d let you know that your suggestions really worked. Our first try after the first of the year, with about 3 months of incorporating your suggestions, was a success, and I am pregnant! We took a positive home test over the weekend, and I just got blood test results back yesterday.



Known donor questionnaire


Sample known donor contract


Sample parenting agreement between mother and father who are both biological parents


Parenting agreement for two biological and two nonbiological parents


Fertility chart


BBT Chart

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