Our Mission

MAIA provides holistic, individualized midwifery care, creating strong families, empowered parents, vibrant pregnancies and healthy babies. MAIA welcomes people of all genders, family structures and orientations, with special expertise in queer family building, intentional single parenthood, and achieving pregnancy over 40. MAIA offers preconception care, home insemination, prenatal care, home or birth center birth, postpartum care and lactation support.

MAIA doesn’t just help you get pregnant – MAIA nurtures your transition to parenthood.

Kristin Kali, LM CPM is a talented and insightful guide for families in the process of welcoming a baby. As a midwife, she applies clinical knowledge within a context of client education, empowerment and support. Since 1995, Kristin has assisted hundreds of people in the process of becoming parents.

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