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Gender Inclusivity and Transgender Issues in Midwifery Care

    • Midwives, nurses, doctors, health care workers, policy makers, students, educators and stakeholders welcome!

REGISTER HERE – Registration deadline is 12/30/17

Join us for an interactive presentation on inclusive midwifery care by Kristin Kali, LM, CPM.

Topics include:
‣ Define basics of LGBTQ2S identities
‣ Describe considerations for family building for LGBTQ2S people
‣ Explore gender identity as it applies to all midwifery clients
‣ Understand what gender inclusive language is, what it is not, and how to use it effectively
‣ Explore research regarding healthcare disparities and utilization of midwifery care by gender non-conforming and transgender people
‣ Apply principles of gender inclusivity and transgender sensitivity to client outreach, clinic environments, client communication, and midwifery care

Providing Culturally Sensitive Care for LGBTQ Families

      • Do you serve LGBTQ families during pregnancy and birth, but worry you don’t have enough information to serve these families well?
      • Have you served LGBTQ families and decided that they’re no different from any other family? (Think again…)
      • Do you wonder how to best affirm your client’s gender identity throughout their time with you?
      • Would you like to build a practice that addresses the specific concerns of LGBTQ families?

Improve your work with LGBTQ families with this 7 hour, web-based course!

Deepen your understanding of the uniqueness of conception, pregnancy, birth and postpartum for LGBTQ people who are building family through pregnancy. Learn at your own pace and become a better informed care provider, educator or doula, with the confidence to offer insightful and culturally sensitive care. 

This course explores the diverse nature of LGBTQ family structures and examines issues that commonly arise for gestational parents, nongestational parents, and in relationships from conception through early parenting. It walks you through the steps involved in getting pregnant, including deciding who will conceive, choosing a donor, interacting with fertility clinics, inseminating, and undergoing IVF. You will identify ways that gender identity and expression may shift throughout pregnancy, birth and infant feeding, and the interplay between sexual identity, gender identity, pregnancy and birth. This course offers guidance for creating a welcoming and affirming practice and CEU’s through the American College of Nurse-Midwives or the Midwifery Education Accreditation Council (7 contact hours).

Course Format:

The course begins with the 4-hour Foundations webinar, covering the essentials of this course. Next is the 90-minute webinar Caring for Transgender and Genderqueer Clients with Cultural Humility, focusing more deeply on the needs and experiences of those who represent the “T” in LGBTQ.  Once you’ve completed these sections, explore Specialized Content modules that are tailored specifically for midwives, doulas, childbirth educators, and midwifery educators and leaders. This content provides added context and information specific to each profession, but all chapters are available to students regardless of their field, and you can navigate between chapters at your own pace.

This course is intended for single use only. Please support the important work we do at MAIA Midwifery and Fertility Services by respecting this policy. MAIA provides discounted rates for groups seeking training – please email us for more information. The course instructor, Kristin Kali LM CPM, is also available for organizational training, consulting and public speaking for conferences and events.

Caring for Transgender and Genderqueer Clients with Cultural Humility

Applying the Cultural Humility framework to serving transgender and genderqueer clients, Kristin Kali, LM CPM guides participants in cultivating self-reflection and lifelong learning rather than achieving “competence”. Examine power and privilege in order to provide client-based care and explore the midwife’s role in community-based care and advocacy. Practical considerations such as using gender inclusive language and creating a trans-positive clinic environment are included.

Watch Caring for Transgender and Genderqueer Clients with Cultural Humility on Vimeo.

Midwifery Model Preconception Care Educational Modules for Midwives

To purchase an educational module, select from the list below:

(We’re working hard to develop new modules! Dates are subject to change, new modules will be released as soon as they are available.)

For families conceiving with donor sperm, the need for care begins during the preconception period.  Midwives are the appropriate care providers for healthy people in the preconception period as well as during pregnancy and the postpartum period.  However, most midwives do not receive the depth of education necessary to serve conceiving families well.

At MAIA, we have specialized in providing midwifery model preconception care for over 25 years.  Just as we honor the innate physiology that functions during labor, we also honor the physiology that allows conception to occur.  Our approach focuses on building health, which supports fertility and leads to a healthy pregnancy.  We utilize lab tests, detailed history taking, and clients’ own cycle charts to inform an accurate assessment of fertile health and insemination timing.  We provide individualized, evidence-based care. 

While we provide services to conceiving families everywhere via web, we believe in the role of community based midwives.  We want to support midwives everywhere in developing the knowledge and skills to support conceiving families in their home communities. 

MAIA’s Midwifery Model Preconception Care Educational Modules for Midwives are designed to provide you with education and support your practice at the level you would like to engage.

      • If you are simply interested in providing the IUI procedure to families in your community, sign up for the Intrauterine Insemination Module
      • If you want to provide preconception care in your practice, sign up for the Preconception Care Module.
      • If you want to help your clients enhance their fertility and assist those who are struggling with fertility issues, sign up for the Fertility Care Module.
      • If you want to help boost the health of the gametes your clients are using to conceive and prepare semen samples for IUI, sign up for the Sperm Health Module.
      • If you want to enhance your knowledge with practical experience, sign up for the Practicum Module.
How does it work?  How much time does it take?

Each educational module requires a minimum of 20 hours to complete at your own pace.  Learning activities consist of readings from textbooks and journal articles, videos and online resources.  Additional textbooks may be recommended.  Each module includes a study guide and assessment activities.  Once you have completed all module components, you can submit your assessments and receive instructor feedback. You will be given an opportunity to schedule a live Q&A session with the instructor, Kristin Kali, LM CPM at the end of each module.

What if I don’t want to learn all the other stuff – I just want to do IUI?

We understand that many midwives are too busy with births to add a full fertility practice, but they want to be able to provide IUI services.  We are happy for you to do this!  Complete the Intrauterine Insemination Module to learn the IUI procedure and start providing this service in your practice.  Let MAIA Midwifery & Fertility Services provide preconception care for your clients via the web.

Will you add me to your referral list?

Yes!  Our distance clients need local IUI providers! Midwives who have successfully completed the Intrauterine Insemination Module will be added to our IUI provider referral list.  We are excited to provide clients with more options for IUI services in their home communities and to support midwives who can provide this service.

How can I get practical experience?

Midwives who have successfully completed all four modules will be well informed to start providing midwifery model preconception and fertility care to conceiving families.  However, many midwives feel they would benefit from observing client care so that the nuances of providing the specialized care can be better understood.  For these participants, we offer an additional Practicum Module which can be completed online or in our Seattle office.  Those who come to Seattle for a practicum will be able to observe IUI procedures as well.

What support do you provide as I build my preconception practice?

Midwives who have completed all four educational modules and at least one practicum module may apply for MAIA Associate status.  MAIA Associates provide the same level of specialized care that MAIA is renowned for. MAIA Associates receive referrals through the MAIA website, supporting your practice and connecting families with the services you provide.  MAIA Associates also enjoy a professional community of practitioners who share the same specialized knowledge base.

How much do the modules cost?

The modules are priced at $500 each.  Each module combines up to date, evidence based information along with wisdom from MAIA’s 25 years of clinical experience serving conceiving families. In addition to the self-guided course materials, each module comes with an individual Q&A session with the instructor. We provide a well organized curriculum, a unique perspective, and a depth of knowledge that will benefit your practice for years to come.  

Do you have a reduced rate for our midwifery practice?

We offer a discount for groups of 3 or more midwives in the same practice.  Let us know via email that you would like to access this option, and we will send an invoice followed by login credentials for the course.  

When can I start?

Once you have purchased a module, you will receive a link to the course materials via email.  You can start any time!

To get started, select your module from the list below: