MAIA's Fertility and Preconception Services

PLEASE NOTE: Office hours will be limited during the month of August 2017. Click here to schedule your appointment now. Appointments will be available in Columbia City and Online on August 2 and 17. Appointments will be available in Fremont on August 3. IUI services will be available throughout the month. Questions? Contact us.

Listen as MAIA midwife Kristin Kali talks about why preconception care is important and what the midwifery approach looks like. Discover why this model of care is especially valuable for LGBTQ families, single parents by choice, and those who are conceiving over age 40.

Comprehensive Fertility Care

Our comprehensive approach provides continuity of care. Whether you are already trying to conceive or you are planning to start trying sometime within the next 6 months, MAIA’s unique model of care is designed to meet your needs. Comprehensive fertility care includes an in depth 90-minute intake appointment and up to 3 months of ongoing follow up care.

Sign up for Comprehensive Fertility Care: Appointment + 3 Months Follow-up

Comprehensive fertility care happens over several cycles. While the midwife will cover a lot of ground in your 90-minute intake appointment, you’ll need follow up care to discuss lab results and review your monthly cycle charts. Three months of ongoing care allows time to fully address your fertile health, because there is nearly always more information to add to the picture. This not only provides you with great care, it is also the most economical option!

Fertility care at MAIA is available to clients anywhere in the world! At your intake appointment, you’ll meet face-to-face with Kristin either in person at one of our Seattle offices, or online using a secure video connection. After your intake, the midwife will provide convenient follow up care via secure email. If a complex issue arises during your follow up care that cannot be addressed via email, you can schedule an additional Individual Fertility Care Appointment at any time.

Comprehensive Fertility Care – Intake Appointment: What to Expect

During your intake appointment, the midwife will:

  • Conduct an in-depth health history and holistic preconception lifestyle assessment, including nutrition evaluation
  • Review any previous lab work from your PCP or fertility doctor
  • Order preconception lab tests, hormone tests, and STI screening
  • Review your previous cycle charts, if you are already charting (to learn more about charting your fertile signs, watch MAIA’s Timing is Everything webinar)
  • Review your known donor or partner’s semen analysis (or order one if needed)
  • Guide you through the process of working with a known sperm donor or sperm bank
  • Assist you with creating a plan and timeline for conceiving
  • Create an individualized fertility enhancement plan based on your lifestyle, lab results, and health history
  • Create an individualized insemination timing plan based on your body’s pattern of fertile signs
  • Sign as a health care provider for release of samples from a sperm bank
  • Conduct an IUI intake if needed (for clients in the greater Seattle-Tacoma area)

3-Months of Follow-Up Care: What’s Included

After your intake appointment, you’ll receive ongoing communication with the midwife via secure email for up to three months. During your follow-up care, the midwife will:

  • Review your cycle charts each month and provide updates to your timing plan as needed
  • Review your lab results and address any abnormal results
  • Revise your fertility enhancement plan as needed based on labs and cycle chart information
  • Provide ongoing guidance and answer your questions as they arise
  • Offer a discount on IUI services at home or MAIA’s office (Seattle-Tacoma area only)
  • Be available to you for urgent insemination timing advice ($50 page fee waived for local IUI clients)

Comprehensive Fertility Care – Initial Visit $299
Comprehensive Fertility Care – Return Visit $199

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Read more about our unique model of fertility care below.
Wondering if MAIA services are appropriate for you? Read about Who We Serve.
Still have questions about fertility care at MAIA? Set up a free 15-Minute “Meet the Midwife” Appointment.

Comprehensive Fertility Care: Initial Visit + 3 Months Follow-up

One 90-minute appointment + up to 3 months of follow-up care

Experience the best of MAIA’s comprehensive, midwifery model fertility care!


Comprehensive Fertility Care: Return Visit + 3 Months Follow-up

One 60-minute appointment + up to 3 months of follow-up care

Review your fertility support plan, cycle charts, labs and timing strategy, and receive 3 additional months of holistic follow-up care. 


Individual Fertility Care Appointments

Receive just the care you need, when you need it. Individual Fertility Care Appointments offer more flexibility to address limited, specific concerns about your fertility, conception or early pregnancy. Individual appointments are available for both new and established clients. You’ll meet face-to-face with the midwife, either in-person at one of our Seattle offices or online using a secure video connection. Individual appointments do not include ongoing follow-up care.

Scheduling an Individual Fertility Care Appointment

Book an individual appointment at MAIA for your fertility care if:

  • You prefer to receive lab results and review of your cycle charts by scheduling additional visits (rather than having this included as part of your care)
  • You purchased the Comprehensive Fertility Care, but you need an additional face-to-face visit with the midwife to address a specific concern
  • You are addressing your fertility prior to or after receiving gender affirming hormone treatment
  • You’ve recently conceived and want to receive care in early pregnancy, before entering routine prenatal care.

Individual Fertility Care Appointment: What to Expect

Each visit is tailored to your unique concerns. During your visit, the midwife can:

  • Help you regain fertility after going off gender affirming hormones
  • Provide a plan to boost your egg health prior to IVF or egg cryopreservation
  • Provide a plan to boost your sperm health prior to banking
  • Assess the fertile health of your partner or sperm donor
  • Create a donor/partner fertility enhancement plan
  • Perform a donor STI risk assessment on your behalf
  • Provide a one-time assessment of your cycle charts
  • Provide continuity of care after conception, as you transition into early pregnancy

Schedule an Individual Fertility Care Appointment:

Book your appointment online
60-Minute Appointment: $150
30-Minute Appointment: $75
15-Minute Appointment: $50

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Read more about our unique model of fertility care below.
Wondering if MAIA services are appropriate for you? Read about Who We Serve.
Still have questions about fertility care at MAIA? Set up a free 15-Minute “Meet the Midwife” Appointment.

60-Minute Appointment


30-Minute Appointment



15-Minute Appointment



Preconception Counseling Appointments

Get expert guidance and support as you navigate your transition to parenthood. Counseling appointments can help you address non-clinical concerns related to conception and family building. Counseling appointments are also available for your potential known donor and their partner(s).

During your preconception counseling appointment, the midwife will work with you to:

  • Clarify your desire to become a parent
  • Formulate your family vision
  • Explore issues that arise with your partner(s), donor or coparent
  • Decide whether to use a known donor or a sperm bank
  • Create coparenting agreements
  • Answer questions and address concerns of known donors and their partner(s).

60-Minute Counseling Appointment (no clinical care) $100

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Read more about our unique model of fertility care below.
Wondering if MAIA services are appropriate for you? Read about Who We Serve.
Still have questions about fertility care at MAIA? Set up a free 15-Minute “Meet the Midwife” Appointment.

60-Minute Preconception Counseling Appointment

Meet with the midwife to discuss non-clinical concerns around preconception and family building.

Intrauterine Insemination (IUI) Services

MAIA offers in-home IUI services throughout the Greater Seattle area. You can also schedule your IUI at one of MAIA’s Seattle offices in Columbia City or Fremont.

Scheduling IUI at MAIA

To receive IUI services, choose one of the following:

  • Purchase Comprehensive Fertility Care and schedule your intake appointment.
    • At your appointment, the midwife will work with you to create an insemination timing plan and do an IUI intake.
    • Receive discounts on IUI services during your 3-months of follow-up. You’ll also be able to page the midwife for urgent insemination timing advice free of charge!

Comprehensive Fertility Care: Appointment + 3 Months Follow-up $299

  • To book IUI services without receiving comprehensive fertility care, schedule a 30-minute IUI Intake Appointment:
    • If you are a new client or have only booked individual fertility care appointments in the past, book your IUI intake BEFORE the cycle when you plan to receive IUI services.
    • IUI intake appointments are held at MAIA offices in Columbia City or Fremont. Get Directions
    • After your intake, you’ll contact the midwife directly to schedule each insemination.
    • As an IUI client, you can page the midwife for urgent insemination timing advice (midwife paging fee applies).

30-Minute IUI Intake Appointment $75

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Read more about our unique model of fertility care below.
Wondering if MAIA services are appropriate for you? Read about Who We Serve.
Still have questions about fertility care at MAIA? Set up a free 15-Minute “Meet the Midwife” Appointment.

30-Minute Intrauterine Insemination Intake

Book an IUI intake appointment to receive intrauterine insemination services if you have not purchased a 3-Month Fertility Care Package. Book your intake before the cycle when you plan to do IUI.

MAIA's Midwifery Model Approach to Fertility

No matter where you are in the process of bringing a baby into your life, MAIA is here to assist you. The midwifery model of care is holistic, caring for your physical, psychological and social well-being. At MAIA, we support your body’s abilities through natural means and provide education to assist you in making informed decisions about your health. The Licensed Midwives at MAIA are the sole fertility care providers for many of our clients. We also work in collaboration with doctors, fertility clinics, acupuncturists and other complementary care providers as needed.

MAIA’s model of individualized care is tailored to your specific situation and addresses your unique needs. Appointments are geared towards helping you conceive as swiftly and comfortably as possible, regardless of the means or method. We provide complete step-by-step instruction and advice to prospective parents at any stage of the conception process.

Every appointment begins with a personal interview and health history, so that we can understand who you are – your lifestyle, your family structure, how you work, how you play, and what you already do to nurture yourself. We will review your current lab work or semen analysis and recommend further tests as needed. We will identify and address any issues that may be preventing you from reaching the full capacity of your fertile health. Together we will create a fertility enhancement plan that takes all of these things into account, focusing on what makes you feel most vibrant and alive. This holistic model invites you to bring your full self to the journey of becoming a parent, even before you have conceived.

Your body is as unique as you are. While there are certain ways we might expect your body to tell you when it is fertile, how those signs manifest is unique to you and may even change from month to month. What makes MAIA timing plans so successful is your central role in that process. We will teach you what to look for and how to interpret your own body’s signs of peak fertility – not just relying on statistical averages from standardized tests, but instead relying your own body’s indicators that ovulation is occurring.

Sperm Production Plan (for those who make sperm)
We will discuss ways to support your body in making the highest count, most functional, and healthiest sperm cells possible. In addition to your fertility enhancement plan, you will be given advice regarding ejaculatory habits to increase your sperm count in between attempts to conceive, as well as instructions for how to produce the best sample when the time arrives for conception. If you are a sperm donor, you will be given the opportunity to ask questions about the donation process, logistics, and what to expect.

Choosing a Donor
We understand the many questions you may be considering when creating your family with intention. Your choice of a sperm donor will also be unique to you.We can assist you in exploring the intricacies of working with a sperm bank, using a donor who is known to you, coparenting with your donor, working with a donor who lives far away from you, basic legal considerations, and how different donor choices might feel to you as time goes on. We also provide donor consultations, so that your donor of choice can benefit from their own fertility enhancement plan and get their questions answered by a donor conception expert. No matter what type of donor you choose, we will help you make sure you are getting the best quality sperm available to you.

FOLLOW-UP CARE (Included with each visit):
During the 3 month follow-up period after each appointment, we will monitor the effects of your fertility enhancement plan, help you understand your body’s pattern of fertile signs, hone your insemination or intercourse timing, and provide ongoing emotional support. Follow-up care happens by email only.

Monthly Fertility Chart Reviews
Review of your monthly fertility charts is an integral part of your follow-up care at MAIA. As you track your body’s hormonal shifts throughout the cycle, a picture of your fertile health appears. We will assess your charts every month, providing you with insights based on what we see. The chart review process allows us to perfect your timing plan while observing how your fertility enhancement efforts are taking effect. This information not only helps you conceive quickly and easily, it also provides direct feedback and encouragement for all you are doing to support your fertile health. Chart review takes place via email.

Midwife Paging Service
While your 3 Month Fertility Care Package is in effect, we are available to you via pager for urgent insemination timing advice. For those who are not receiving IUI services at MAIA, the paging service incurs an additional fee. Whether your fertile signs are not showing up as expected, or you simply want confirmation that ovulation is occurring, we are here for you. Trying to conceive can be an emotional roller coaster ride, and mid-cycle decision making is one of the most nerve wracking parts of the process. Paging the midwife can ease this stress so you can move forward confidently and get down to the important business of baby-making.

In-home IUI services are available to established clients in the greater Seattle area. If you are conceiving with frozen donor sperm, intrauterine insemination can double your chances of conception regardless of your age. Because the sperm are placed directly inside the uterus, they can travel quickly to the fallopian tubes and get ready to fertilize an egg. IUI timing is precise and works most effectively when timed as close to ovulation as possible. MAIA’s individualized timing plans will provide you with the know-how to determine your best time to inseminate. Once ovulation is about to occur, you will call the midwife to schedule your in home IUI appointment. IUI is a safe, simple technique that can easily be performed by a midwife in the comfort of your own home.

Additional appointments can be scheduled with the midwife at any time. If you reach the end of your three month course of care and you have not yet conceived, we encourage you to schedule a return visit to review your case and discuss the need for any changes. Revision of your care plan may include recommendations for further medical tests or treatments, additional fertility support techniques, choosing a new sperm source, or simply allowing time for the right cycle to come along. Return visits are 60 minutes long and come with 3 months of follow up, just like your initial appointment.

Counseling is a significant element of the holistic model of care provided at MAIA. In addition to what is provided in your regular appointments, if you would like focused time to address family building or other concerns, separate counseling visits are available. We can help you clarify your family vision, explore relationship concerns, create co-parenting agreements, or decide whether to use a known donor or a sperm bank. We are also available to consult with your potential known donor or co-parent (and their partner) to answer questions and address concerns that may come up for those considering this role. MAIA helps families to manage the emotional roller coaster ride of insemination cycles and assists single parents in creating networks of support. We also help those who are in the exploration process to clarify whether or not they want to parent.

Once you conceive, you can schedule an individual fertility care appointment for early pregnancy to discuss how to shift your self care efforts as you move into a vibrant pregnancy. Having conceived with such intention, you will most likely be ready for your first prenatal visit well before routine obstetric or midwifery care begins. We can discuss miscarriage prevention, address physical issues such as decreased energy or nausea, advise you regarding nutrition, exercise, sex and relationship changes during pregnancy, and assist you with choosing a care provider for your pregnancy and birth. MAIA’s early pregnancy care provides continuity as you transition into the next phase – growing your baby!

If you have been having difficulty conceiving, we can help you determine if there is a timing issue (which is more common than you might think) or if there is an underlying health issue that is interfering with your ability to conceive. Many people diagnosed with “unexplained infertility” start to find answers in consultation with us. MAIA’s functional approach utilizes lab tests, health history, lifestyle assessment and review of your cycle charts to determine the best course of action to bring your body into an optimal state of fertile health. Your plan may consist of dietary changes, recommendations regarding exercise and stress reduction, herbal and nutritional supplement support, and referrals to specialized healing modalities such as naturopathic medicine, acupuncture, or Mayan abdominal massage. You may also be referred to an OB/GYN or fertility clinic for further diagnostic tests, or to your primary care provider for assessment and treatment of conditions that may be indirectly affecting your fertile health. Together, we will determine the most appropriate course of action in support of your physiological needs, your budget and the choices that are best for you.

Whether you are banking your genetic material prior to gender transition, preserving your eggs or sperm while you are still young but not yet ready to conceive, or you are donating your eggs or sperm to a conceiving family, MAIA can help you to bring your body and your reproductive cells to their highest and healthiest potential. Special care is taken to support the body’s underlying fertile health, along with focused antioxidant support to harbor and protect your eggs or sperm until they time they are collected for storage.

In a world that is still struggling to understand the complexities and nuances of gender identity and expression, know that at MAIA, you will be honored, upheld and treated with respect. We understand that the complexities of delaying or discontinuing cross-gender hormones for the sake of fertility can bring about a great deal of dysphoria for some transgender people. Our goal in assisting you is to help you conceive as swiftly as possible in the way that is most empowering for you, and to do so with the utmost level of sensitivity and respect.

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